When everyday is magical

"Illustrator Kirstine Falk works with a mix of black strokes and watercolour when she creates her work. The characters in her works challenges the natural when for example a girl with pig’s ears sits on a mountain of bacon, or the ballerina dances on top of a rhino.They are little dreamers in a dream world or fantasy.

The works can seem childish, but when you study the works further, you can sense that the characters often contain calmness, and that they often are smiling.

The works remind you how important it is to think out of the box, dare to be yourself and not be oppressed by conventions and rules. And it is exactly here, in a world of freedom, the characters find themselves. As one customer said: ”I think they are precisely where they want to be”.

Both children and adults can draw meaning from the works.

They are bought for both children’s rooms and living rooms.

Kirstines illustrations are magic and fairy tales on several levels. Besides the bright watercolours, Kirstine works in a more black/grey universe.

The style here is rawer without losing the feminine touch that Kirstine is recognised for”.

Anmeldelse på Monica Weidemann blog: http://blog.mowedesign.dk

In February 2015 I started the company Kirstine Falk. I am trained as a textile designer, and have worked with painting and illustration for many years.

Medium: Pencil drawing, gouache and collage.

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